Free Download - Quest - a Dark Slack Theme.

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the best dark Slack theme.

Quest was designed to help you be productive. A free dark Slack theme that is made with a pop culture color scheme.
Quest Theme

Work the way you want to with Quest. Vibrant colors, dark Sublime theme.


Inspired by pop culture art. Quest is a beautiful dark theme with vibrant colors.


Quest is constantly being improved and developed. Reach out to us to find out how you can contribute.


Quest is free to use. We believe that everyone deserves a little adventure in their lives.


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What is This Dark Slack theme, Quest?

Quest is a free Slack Theme. It was designed for people who spend hours each day communicating with Slack. Quest was designed with a simple, yet elegant color scheme. Based off the color scheme of pop culture adventure games and comics.

Quest has a nostalgic feel that is simple on the eye. This free dark Slack theme is designed to look beautiful while staying out of your way. Allowing you to go deep and focus on being productive.

Slack is a productivity communication tool that is used by millions of people each day. We use Slack everyday, so we decided to make it our own. To define what it means to us, by carving out a noble theme that helps us stand out from the crowd and gets our best work done. Quest is a simple, yet versatile theme that can easily be set and configured.

What do you think of Quest? Want to see it be developed for your favorite application? Let us know.